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  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3500 Cycles: the power Generator is made of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, providing 3500 cycles and more than 10 years life, which is 4-6 times longer than other Lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, this LiFePO4 battery is safer than lithium-ion batteries thanks to the thermal and chemical stability.
  • 65W PD USB-C, 200W pure sine wave AC, 120W DC: built-in 65W power delivery USB-C (5V-20V/3.25A max) for fast charging and wide compatibility, powering your MacBook/Pro, iPad Pro, S10+/9+/8+ and other newer cell phones. The AC outlet (200W rating, 400W surge), QC3.0 (12W/18W), DC Outlet (120W max) are also available.
  • Durable and Portable Design: aviation aluminum alloy shell with heat-removing technology make the power box more solid and elegant. Ultra-compact and lightweight in such 240Wh high capacity. Great solar generator after storing solar power by using solar panel (not included). Perfect for RV, camper, van tour, camping, fishing, off-grid backup.
  • Safety and Temperature Monitoring: the temperature inside the battery pack will be shown on the screen while charging and discharging. Battery management system (BMS) provides temperature control, voltage control, short-circuit protection. With PSE, METI, FCC, CE, ROHS certified, you can use with confidence.

Outdoor Power Supply Revolution

Do you often worry about these things?

  • 1: The batteries you used have acid or heavy metal.
  • 2: After 2-3 years of use, other lithium-ion batteries will wear out quickly, and the discarded or replaced batteries will cause pollution.
  • 3: It always takes a long time to wait for your power supply to be fully charged.


Why choose SWAREY portable power station (LiFePO4 Battery)?

  • New upgrade in 2021: TYPE-C bidirectional output/input

TYPE-C port not only supports up to 65W (PD 65W) output, you can use both DC and TYPE-C ports to charge your power station, saving your time, providing maximum convenience for your travel, and spending more time Enjoy the journey.

Charging time:

1. Use DC port to charge (adapter/solar panel/cigarette lighter): 4.8~5.5H

2. Use TYPE-C port to charge: 3.8~4H

3. Charging using DC and TYPE-C ports at the same time: ONLY 2.0~2.4H

  • 3500 Cycles, >10 Years Life

The reason why we choose the advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is the ultra-long serving life and safety. The LiFePO4 chemistry provides 3500 CYCLES and more than 10 YEARS life, which is 4-6 times longer than other lithium-ion approaches. The excellent thermal and chemical stability make the LiFePO4 battery safer than other lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, LiFePO4 cells experience a SLOWER RATE OF CAPACITY LOSS than a lithium-ion battery, making it good for standby or high-frequency use.

240Wh (3.2V/75Ah, 12.8V/18.75Ah)

  • 1* AC Output: 200W (Surge peak power 400W)
  • 2* DC Output: 12V/10A(120W MAX)
  • 1* USB-AUTO Output: 5V/2.4A
  • 1* USB QC 3.0 Output: 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A(18W MAX)
  • 1* USB TYPE-C Output: PD 65W(20V/3.25A); 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 5V/3A; 9V/3A
  • Adapter: 16V/3A
  • Car Charger: 16V/2A
  • Solar Panels: 15~22V/3A
  • USB Type-C Input: 65W (20V/3.25A); 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 5V/3A; 9V/3A


  • Use DC and TYPE-C ports to charge the power station at the same time: only 2.0~2.4H
  • The 65W USB Type-C port (power delivery 3.0) offers ultra-fast charging for newer devices, compatible with most electronic devices, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, etc.

Store Solar Power

Convert sunlight into clean energy with solar panels (not included). Store the solar power inside the power station by connecting the station with solar panels, so you can use it anytime you want at night or during an outage. Please use the solar panel under 25V.

4 Modes of Lights

Flashlight, SOS, blink mode, traffic accident warning light. Show your way with the flashlight. SOS mode for asking for help. Traffic accident warning light for giving the alarm.


With the built-in temperature monitor, the temperature inside the box will be shown on the display, adding safety to your power station and devices while charging or discharging.

Customer FAQs & Recommendations:

—1) Recommendation: To protect the battery life, when using the generator for the first time, please fully discharge the battery and then fully charge it. Battery maintenance: Please charge the battery once every three months.

—2) Question: I want to use the AC function, how do I know if the portable power station is suitable for my equipment?

Answer: If your device needs to use an adapter to connect, please check whether the “INPUT” on the adapter is within 200W. If your device does not have an adapter, check the “INPUT” parameter of the device. Power (W) = Current (A) * Voltage (V).

—4) Question: How to choose solar panels?

Answer: We recommend choosing a solar panel of 100W-200W, the charging speed is faster in the range of 15~22V/3A (max).

—5) Question: How to calculate the usage time?

Answer: Use time = 240Wh * 85% /W. For example, if you use a 60W refrigerator, it can run for 3.4 hours.

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